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How to Capture Streaming Video

Web Stream Recorder is a great tool for capturing streaming videos. You only need to run the tool and play videos in your browser or player. Here is short step-by-step tutorial.

1. Get trial version of Web Stream Recorder 2015.

2. Run the program.

3. Make sure that Auto-recording option is checked. This option allows record to start record catched videos without your additional actions.

4. Go to web site (as for example, YouTube) and start playing video. When you will the first frames of video, recorder will alert about interception.

5. If recorder can get additional stream info, it will use it as final file name.

6. Click on toolbar butoon or right mouse click on the file and choose Open in Player to replay it offline.

As you can see, Web Stream Recorder 2015 is like one-touch software with very simple interface. It can record Windows Media, Real Media streams, Flash videos from YouTube, GoogleVideo and similar web sites, can capture Shoutcast mp3 music. Download free trial and try it yourself.